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Amenities at the Amarea Hotel, Costa Rica

Today, we’re taking a quick glance at the amenities on offer at the upcoming Amarea Hotel. Opening 2019!

Pacific Spirit Diving Center

Located on the beach near our Blue Mojito restaurant, the Pacific Spirit Diving Center will have a fleet of 3 boats, which can take up to 8 guests each. Included at the yacht club are the following amenities: Scuba diving, and Snorkeling equipment for rent or for purchase.

HOURS: 7:00am to 6:00pm

Gift Shop

Situated near Mojito Blue restaurant, guests will find life's little necessities, as well as boutique beach clothing and fashion wear especially created for Amarea by a Costa Rican designer, hand crafted jewelry, and a wide selection of artisan crafts, and souvenirs.

HOURS: 9:00am to 8:00pm

Kids Club

Fill your little one's day with big fun. For children age 4 to 1 0, Amarea will offer a program of activities which are safe, fun, and designed for the season. For older kids, there will also video games, and fun learning experiences on offer.

HOURS: December through April: 9 :00am to 7 :30pm May through November: 11 :00am to 6:00pm

Find out more on or contact us for details.

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