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Baroque architecture at San Lorenzo Holy Deer Lodge, Rome

The Reinvigoration of Baroque

The designers began their notion that the spirit of 17th century Baroque is very much in stride with the contemporary currents of design. “Thereis an ever increasing value on the design of emotion, not merely rational, or even aesthetic, it is about feeling and experience.” The great figuresof Baroque architecture and art capitalized on the Catholic Church’s Counter Reformation, pouring passion and movement into their creations. They captivated the body and imagination, while enchanting the soul. Working within the framework of Borromini, the designers set the principlesof baroque to use, laying out the rooms to emphasize a sense of grandeur, accommodating continuous flowing motions, and establishing distinctsensuality through colors and forms inspired by the frescoes above. A special attention was given to lighting throughout the rooms. “We wanted the apartment to fully embody its baroque history, but with a contemporary sentiment. It was important for us to draw this correlation from the past to the present : making the grandiose human scale, and giving the “meraviglia” the warmth of a heart rooted in hospitality.”

When renovating the historically and architecturally valuable “Unterramwaldhof“, Giorgia and Stefano Barbini took great care to respect the balance between tradition and innovation. In cooperation with the protection of monuments authority and with the support of local craftsmen they were able to renovate in such a way that the original structure and its characteristic features were preserved, achieving a model of sustainability that may well serve as an example for similar projects.


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