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Bawah Reserve, Indonesia

Delighted to share the latest media on one of our newest additions, Bawah Reserve featured in the Evening Standard:

The best chic all-inclusive holidays to book now.

Forget verruca socks, these hotels are the crème de la crème in all-inclusive luxury, says Juliana Piskorz

"We all know about Bali’s pristine beaches but Indonesia is home to many more tropical islands, with far fewer tourists. The Bawah Reserve is on a tiny island in the Riau Archipelago between Malaysia and Borneo and is as close to paradise as you get. The eco-resort is founded on principles of sustainability, with 36 suites and bungalows built in and around the island’s network of mangroves, designed to live in harmony with a diverse eco-system including 2,000-year-old trees and a coral reef. Guests can explore the island’s 13 beaches and two lagoons in complete privacy or take in ocean views from the downward dog position during morning yoga class. Chefs use ingredients from their own organic gardens and wild fish freshly caught every morning. In the evenings guests can flop down under the starry heavens to watch films on the beach while sipping on cocktails, all included, of course." Source:


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