Friday Live at SO/Berlin Das Stue, Berlin

Every fortnight, the SO/Berlin Das Stue hosts some of Berlin's best live music acts at the bar. Starting at 10.30pm, enjoy the company of talented musicians like Jumaa, The Shoeswing Stringers, The Matti Klein Trio, jilski.

Previous acts include:


An "Old World Jazz" approach to classic jazz and more modern songs. Sousaphone, Clarinet & Banjo. No tricks. That's it. Classic and modern tunes done in an Old Jazz way, a very special combination like the musicians themself: James Scannell: Clarinet, Greg Dinunzi: Banjo/Voice, Matthew Bookert: Sousaphone.

d’AS Duo

Elena - Berlin based Singer and Songwriter, well known from the TV Show "The Voice of Germany 2016" & Andrei - Pianist, Composer and Producer with many years of experience and a repertoire that goes from Classical Music (Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninoff) to traditional Jazz, Bebop, over Pop and Funk.

Togheter as d’AS Duo, Elena and Andrei performed in all over Europe. In 2017 DAS DUO started theyr own unique Project - "Vintage Pop" where they play Pop Hits from 1990 until today in a Jazzy - Classical way.

With the "Vintage Pop" project DAS DUO had the honour to perform on many stages in the USA from Miami to Los Angeles with great success.

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