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Modern Luxury in the Heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près

When it comes to 5-star boutique hotels in Paris, The Bel Ami is one of a kind: stunning interiors, service that goes the extra mile. Everything about this boutique hotel is refreshingly different. Welcome to the left bank.

Located in the Saint-Germain-des-Près, where intellectuals and artists have been meeting for decades, the Hotel Bel Ami embraces the rich history of its vibrant neighborhood to create a unique experience for its guests. 

Inside the hotel, elegant piece awaits, such as art installations in the form of a solid glass circle that playfully dresses the hotel’s concierge desk.

Public spaces by interior designer Géraldine Prieur.

Géraldine Prieur signed with an audacious spirit, Modern Tie and Dye. An eye like a mirror XXXXL circled by chrome, reflected the fibration of the place, the fabrics for the sofa, the armchair, has signed by local editors, like Osborn and Little, one can contemplate the shelves of the great library with a eclectic book collection, or read in the light of one of the gold Attolo de Vico Magistretti.  As you enter by the Bel Ami Bar, two SIlvera bubble armchairs set the tone featuring a decor favoring the wooden alcoves of Macassar Eboni. The art continues with rooms designed by Pascal Allaman, the Bel Ami Bar designed by artist Aude Herlédan andThe Salon designed by artist Ced Vernay.

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