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Nairi Awari @ Pacuare Lodge

Inspired by its magnificent natural setting, the spacious Main Lodge has been thoughtfully designed for the comfort and pleasure of our guests and sets a new standard in a Costa Rica nature experience.

Overlooking the Pacuare River, the palm-thatched, two-story structure boasts solid teak floors, tropical flowers and plenty of fresh air, enticing guests to come in and admire the timeless beauty of the swift-flowing River and millennial rainforest.

On the ground floor an open-air restaurant and kitchen are always bustling with activity as local chefs prepare exquisite dishes, whole grain breads and fresh baked desserts. Freshly brewed coffee and an assortment of organic teas are available throughout the day and evening.

Dinner is also served in the Main Lodge, by candlelight and lantern-light, surrounded by the sights, sounds and tantalizing scents of the tropical rainforest. An expansive pine-hewn deck opens onto the Pacuare River, offering a panoramic view of the dense jungle.

Upstairs a spacious yet cozy open-sided lounge with a small bar invites guests to kick back and recount the day’s adventures in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Locally crafted wood furnishings, hand-hewn timber beams and wrought iron chandeliers create a warm ambiance overlooking the Pacuare River.

Four lookout areas offer great vantage points for photos of the river and lush vegetation. Comfortable wicker sofa chairs, board games and plenty of colorful bromeliads make this a favorite area for guests.

For more information phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09


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