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Peace and Beauty on Calivigny Island

Calivigny Island located off the coast of Grenada is one of the world’s most opulent and beautiful private islands for rent on the planet. Calivigny is a Caribbean paradise set over 80 tropical acres with 25 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 50 people. Calivigny which is a short boat ride from the mainland of Grenada is surrounded by turquoise seas and has six very beautiful pristine beaches. There is simply nothing more special than having your own idyllic private island to enjoy with just you and your loved ones in total safety and total privacy and no better place to do that then on Calivigny Private Island. The moment you step on the shores of Calivigny, you will be overwhelmed with the sense of peace and beauty. You will know that you have arrived in one of the most exquisite and most exclusive vacation destinations in the world. Your private resort experience at Calivigny includes a fleet of beautiful boats, private chefs, butlers and a fabulous array of thrilling activities to occupy you should you wish to leave one of the island’s six gorgeous beaches. The accommodation is split between the main Beach House with 10 bedrooms, The Overhang House with 9 bedrooms and three Beach Cottages with 2 bedrooms each. Each of the houses whilst very different are united by luxury. The heart of the island is without a doubt the Beach House which is located close to the quay on the northwestern side of the island. It is simply palatial with 10 exquisite suites and a huge living room fit for royalty. The architecture of the main beach house is quite Balinese in style on the exterior whilst the internal décor is more in keeping with what one might find in The Palace of Versailles outside Paris or a grand French Chateaux. Each of the rooms is different and have some unique and delightful touches. The master bedroom takes up a full wing of the Beach House, and the other wing has an exquisite wooden staircase that leads to the mezzanine level of the house. The Rotunda Room located in the main Beach House is the main living and gathering area of the island. It is exquisite and perfect for a cocktail party or special dinner. The furnishings and fittings were designed by Oscar del a Renta and Richard Frinier. The décor is offset by beautiful pieces of artwork and hand-crafted sculptures. The Rotunda room leads directly onto the terrace and pool area. The main Beach House also houses the islands fully equipped gymnasium and billiards room. The overhang Residence has 9 beautiful bedrooms and is on the most northerly point of Calivigny. It is modern and very contemporary providing a great contrast to the Beach House. Lastly, the 3 Beach 2-bedroom Cottages provide a lovely cozy and intimate accommodation option for clients who are looking for total peace and quiet. Many of our guests to Calivigny Island just wish to enjoy the idyllic beaches, beautiful tropical scenery and incredible nature. But should you wish to be more active, there is plenty of opportunities to do so. Starting with the enormous free-form swimming pool located close to The Beach House and quay. The pool is one of the most beautiful we have come across and also one of the largest. It has a spectacular swim up bar overlooking the sea and mainland of Grenada. The pool is surrounded by supremely comfortable sun beds from which you can enjoy the beautiful tropical sunshine. Calivigny Island is ringed by 6 beautiful pristine white sandy beaches. Each one is more beautiful than the last. Very few of the world’s beaches are private, and one of the most wonderful advantages of renting a private island such as Calivigny is that the beaches are truly private and available for only you and your guests to enjoy. The seas around Calivigny are also particularly great for Snorkeling and scuba diving with lots of beautiful sea life and coral to enjoy. There is a myriad of great watersports available to you when you stay on the island. Everything from windsurfing jet skiing, wakeboarding, sailing and fishing. In addition, Calivigny comes equipped with a fleet of beautiful boats which may be used for deep sea fishing or a relaxing sunset cruise. If you feel like going further afield, it is possible to charter one of the boats to do some scuba diving around the Grenadines and the famous Tobago Keys where the movie The Pirates of The Caribbean was filmed. Throughout the island there are secured jogging paths which are also suitable for cycling should you prefer to take one of the islands complimentary bikes to explore your private piece of paradise. There is a full-sized floodlit tennis court on the island as well as a fully equipped air-conditioned gymnasium with all the latest weight lifting, Pilates and cardiovascular equipment. Other activities include a concert grand piano which has an automatic playing system, a billiards room, games room with a poker table and a great selection of board games as well as a croquet lawn. Last but not least there is a great tree house o the eastern side of the island which is great fun for the young or young at heart. For nighttime, the professional team at Calivigny can organize anything from fireworks displays to bonfire nights and barbeques to formal gala dinners. There is a giant portable movie screen which can be set up on various locations around the island giving you the opportunity to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in a completely unique setting. The world is literally your oyster when you stay at Calivigny. Cuisine on Calivigny is taken very seriously. Much of the food that is served is actually grown in the islands huge greenhouses and surrounding lands and gardens. The islands chefs are all handpicked for their excellence and take total pride in providing the best farm to table experience possible. They are all very talented and will create tailor-made menus for you and your guests depending on your wishes and requirements. It is also possible to eat in many different locations on the island ensuring that each meal time is completely unique. You can choose from dining in the formal Rotunda room, on the Pool Terrace or have a beach barbeque on one of the islands six beautiful beaches. Should you wish to leave your private island paradise, the mainland of Grenada is just a five-minute boat ride away. Grenada is without a doubt the undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean. It is stunningly beautiful full of history and culture. It has some of the best rainforests and is famed for its amazing waterfalls, chocolate, rum and spices. It has been nicked named spice island for a very good reason. Alternatively, a visit to the Grand Etang National Park with its lush vegetation and mountain peaks or the historical Fort George Battlements are both worth a visit. There is plenty to do and see, and above all, it is one of the safest of the Caribbean islands where you can feel totally relaxed. Calivigny is a spectacular retreat perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary party, multi-generational get-together or a special occasion with friends and family. No matter the event, a stay on Calivigny will create memories for a lifetime in a private and secluded.



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