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Sweet Bocas, Private Island Panama

There is no question that Bocas del Toro is a must go to destination not only for surfers but anyone seeking to be inspired by the real Caribbean experience. Sweet Bocas is a rare find that strikes a perfect balance between luxury and social impact. It is a destination for a truly modern traveler. The roar coming from the mouth of the bull has been too quiet until now. It is time to give Bocas del Toro the credit it deserves as a premier location for some of the best experiences in Caribbean. Sweet Bocas sets the bar high by giving each guest the opportunity to become a part of the fabric and leave a positive mark through sustainability, cultural exchanges as well as incredibly memorable and authentic experiences.

Since its inception, Sweet Bocas has managed to develop partnerships to take the mission even further. Given that Bocas del Toro boasts the best and most underrated surfing in the Caribbean, it makes sense that pros like Terry Simms gravitate there. It is also important to note however, that Bocas del Toro is composed of a local community that is custodian to this well kept, secret tropical paradise. This is why Sweet Bocas, along with Terry Simms advocate and support Give & Surf, a locally embedded organization that provides education and community development to local indigenous tribes and welcomes volunteers to surf while they give back. Partnerships like this enable Sweet Bocas to hire local people so they may learn about permaculture, hospitality and sustainability to then take back to their community and share.


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