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Time Stands Still @ Strawberry Hill Jamaica

Fortunately for our guests, time can stand still at Strawberry Hill Jamaica Luxury Resort. Our magical mountain village is set sublimely high in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. To ensure privacy, each unique and exquisite cottage nestles within the mountain’s contours. The verandas are angled to capture their own ravishing view. In the evening, relax and lively up yourself with a rum punch in our snug, wood-paneled Bar. Savor the succulent, modern Caribbean flavors served in our veranda restaurant, aglow with candles and starlight. By day, drink in the vista of Kingston far below and the blue Caribbean gleaming beyond, from our dramatic infinity swimming pool. And wonder—is infinity long enough for your stay at Strawberry Hill Jamaica?

Some particularly privileged Guests experience blissful views as they soar in a helicopter from Norman Washington Manley Airport to the 3,100 feet altitude of Strawberry Hill Jamaica. But even for the earthbound, the mystique of Strawberry Hill starts as you leave the waterfront airport behind, and begin the fascinating 50-minute journey up the Blue Mountains. As the drive takes you through Kingston, you pass busy commercial centres and illustrious cultural landmarks, until you reach the northernmost tip of Kingston proper and the village of Papine, known for its bustling market. Heading up the mountainside, you will swing round the famous 365 bends of the winding Irish Town Road to Strawberry Hill. As you weave through tiny hamlets and alongside the rushing Hope River, each curve of the road presents dramatic views.

The air becomes fresh and cool the higher you go until you reach Strawberry Hill’s gorgeous 26 acres of high heaven. With its cluster of gracious Post-Plantation cottages, vivid tropical gardens and Infinity swimming pool, our Guests know they have really arrived. It is no wonder that Strawberry Hill was selected by The New York Times as one of the “1,000 Places To See Before You Die.”

Car transfers from Kingston’s Norman Manley International airport and Helicopter transfers available. Price available upon request.

To book transfers, please contact



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