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All There Is to Love About Eco Lodges @ Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

Over the years, people have become more and more interested in conserving nature and protecting the environment. Ecotourism —defined by the International Ecotourism Society as a responsible way of traveling to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the locals— has gained a lot of popularity.

Eco lodges are one of the most sought out vacation destinations by nature lovers everywhere these days and we are very lucky to have several great ones here in Costa Rica.

What Is an Eco Lodge?

Although they might sound similar, eco lodges are not to be mistaken with green hotels. We understand why you might get those two concepts mixed up but there is a big difference. Eco lodges are normally located in remote areas, surrounded by pristine natural environments, like mountains, beaches, forests and jungles, whereas green hotels are usually located in towns or cities. What they do have in common is their commitment to environmental responsibility and reducing negative impact.

Some of the cool things you’ll find at an eco lodge are recycling services, renewable energy sources, energy-efficient lighting, water conservation methods and locally sourced foods.

To add to the list of great things eco lodges have to offer, you’ll often see they are actively pursuing ways to conserve wildlife and nature, they make it a point to educate visitors about local ecosystems and indigenous culture and also strive to develop positive relationships with the locals.

Costa Rica Has Become Famous for Its Eco Lodges

We are lucky to live in a country filled with mesmerizing nature. Costa Rica is full of incredibly beautiful beaches, a wide variety of forests and even some dramatic volcanoes. Five percent of the world’s biodiversity resides in this beautiful little country, which makes us a perfect location for eco tourism.

Just last week, Bookmundi published a great article about the best eco lodges in Costa Rica and at Pacuare Lodge, we are honored to have made it on that list. Want to know what the other great Costa Rican eco lodges are? Check out this article and go follow Bookmundi for more great travel information.

The next time you’re planning a dreamy nature-filled vacation in an exotic destination, don’t hesitate to contact Pacuare Lodge.


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