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Lake Joseph with Jayne's Luxury Rentals

Updated: 7 days ago

Explore full-service, Muskoka cottages for rent on Lake Joseph, like this beauty, Lake Joe's First Class with Jayne's Luxury Rentals. The Lake Joseph cottage rentals are carefully selected to provide luxury vacation experiences. Lake Joseph is picturesque and stunning. Located just east of Highway 400, two hours from Toronto, this is a trendy and popular vacation spot for travellers looking for a luxury getaway experience 0n the lake. Affectionately referred to as Lake Joe, the lake is large, deep and exceptionally and the cleanest of the Big 3 Muskoka Lakes clear. Surrounded by luxury cottages showcasing an abundant collection of Muskoka’s unique architecture and with landscapes filled with textured rock filling the edges of untouched forests and infinite islands. Lake Joseph is connected to Lake Rosseau through the narrows at Port Sandfield and through the Joseph River. 

The calm nature of the lake makes it suitable for water sports like wake boarding, water skiing, tubing and swimming. Kayakers enjoy calm evenings and early mornings for a paddle. Vast networks of hiking trails (this isn't necessarily correct, there are hiking trails, but not vast) stretch through the hilly, forested regions surrounding the lake. Out of all of the activities that lure people to Lake Joseph, fishing has to be the most popular one (fishing is somewhat popular, but not the best conditions from it – the water sports you highlighted or destination boating would be the most popular).  The lake is teeming with many different species of fish, but it is most famous for its populations of lake trout, walleye, whitefish, pike and bass. From horseback riding to mountain biking, Lake Joseph has it all (not sure about horseback riding, would be more correct to say "Muskoka Lakes" has it all – Lake Joseph would be in the area but not necessarily on Lake Joseph).

As if all of the outdoor fun and gorgeous cottages weren’t enough, the Muskoka Lakes region is known to attract some of today’s most famous celebrities and most powerful business people. Canadian entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den Dragon and Shark Tank Shark, Kevin O’Leary owns a lavish cottage on the shores of Lake Joseph. 

Lake Joseph’s answer to Lake Muskoka’s Millionaires Row is known as Billionaires Row, and it includes some of the most finely appointed Muskoka cottages in the area belonging to such celebrities as Cindy Crawford and Kenny G Rogers. 

Also on the shores of Lake Joseph is the renowned Lake Joseph Golf Club, a Clublink course, a favourite destination for cottagers, including it's fair share of professional athletes, entertainers and actors. The scenic 18-hole course with views of Lake Joseph and a wide selection of delectable food and fine wines, a character member of Savour Muskoka welcomes a world of regional culinary experiences at The Water’s Edge Wine Bar. Lake Joseph Club also caters to the entire family, with Children’s Camps, Fitness Classes and Tennis.

Other popular restaurants include Bass Lake Windermere House and Sherwood Inn Dining room, and golf clubs include Rocky Crest, Oviinburg and Sherwood Inn. Foots Bay, Gordon Bay and Pride Marinas are filled with cottagers refuelling to continue their adventurous quest on the water.

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