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Almanac X Prague

There will be new additions to the Almanac X Prague: a Rooftop Terrace, a Concept Store and a Speciality Coffee-Shop, all designed to re-create the hotel’s prominence as a cultural hot-spot and give guests an experience which is original, different and in tune with their personal lifestyles. The Almanac X Prague is the perfect synthesis of Prague’s most attractive features: its well-preserved architectural past, its historic role as a cultural melting-pot, and its status today as Central Europe’s most vibrant and sought-after commercial capital city.

This luxury hotel features

-Location in the heart of Prague in what used to be the legendary Alcron Hotel est. 1932

-204 fully redesigned luxurious guest rooms & suites

-Rooftop terrace with aerial views of Prague, ideal for sunset moments

-Close to 6,000 sq.ft. of conference space

-2 restaurants: Restaurant Alcron and rooftop restaurant

-Lobby Bar, Be Bop, with authentic signature cocktails

-Specialty Coffe-shop

-Fully equipped Fitness & Sauna

For details or by phone 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407



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