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Amenities at La Residence Paris

Your comfort is our primary concern at La Residence Paris. There are so many amenities for you to enjoy! Even with all this luxury, Children and pets are welcome, it is well equipped with a gym and smokers are welcomed as welL, with Cuban cigars at your disposal.

Here are a few things to impress you:


All our showers are equipped with the Skinjay system. Skinjay it is a shower mixer and a unique collection of aromatic capsules. Activated at the heart of the mixer, the capsule releases its essential oils aromatic power by merging it with the live warm water of the shower. It then falls in a fine rain on the skin and alerts the senses with delight, just in time to help you relax and let go. A feeling of well-being comes over you and lasts throughout the day.


Because we believe that music is a major art of our lives, and that you appreciate to have the same quality in your home as well as while you travel, we have installed exceptional quality Devialet Phantom speakers to create an exceptional music experience, whether for a party or simply to listen to your favorite music. If you are by yourself at the Résidence, enjoy your music when you want, where you want just like the food services!

On-site wellness

Enjoy a private pool with a garden, as hard as these are to find in Paris, the Résidence provide you with all the necessary to relax. To relax after a long day, we also have a sauna and a massage room. Ask for any type of massage and a masseuse will be there for you.

Swimming pool and garden for yourself !

Available 24/7 for you and only you, the pool of 40 m2 is heated by a geothermal heat pump at 29 degrees Celsius, and sheltered by a canopy. The swimming pool overlooks the garden of 1500 m2, available at all times and accessible by the basement near the fitness room.

A complete fitness room

The Résidence Paris offers a fitness room by the pool and sauna with: • Cardio-training equipment Technogym• A set of weights• Yoga mats. The fitness room is available at any time, and you can also ask for a professional coach for your session.

For more information phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09

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