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Christopher Villas Saint Barth

With their cleaned lined and airy spaces, the Christopher Villas will seduce guests with their natural materials.

Nestled in lush vegetation, the 3 villas Niña, Pinta and Maria are like private islands embracing the sea.With their four bedrooms and private swimming pool, each villas were envisioned as modern, relaxing places to live, completely open to the sea, and surrounded by lush vegetation. Just a few steps away, the hotel welcomes you to enjoy its exceptional amenities and services.

Wood and bamboo are perfectly mixed with furniture in lava stone accented by accessories in bright orange that punctuate the interiors. Luxury, peacefulness, and discretion: the Christopher experience is yours to enjoy to the fullest, with a total sense of privacy. Phone us for more info 1-212-752-1416

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