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Clinique La Prairie is OPEN

Greetings from Clinique La Prairie!


We know the global situation will evolve gradually, depending on how each country will ease the Covid-19 measures and relax the travel restrictions.

But we are ready and looking to boundless possibilities that lie ahead: Clinique La Prairie is ready to welcome guests to continue to offer the most individual health and wellness care from 31st May 2020.

Over the past 2 months, we have been more than ever personally engaged into everyone’s health journey, offering recommendations for healthy practices at home, while doctors and nutritionists have continued their bespoke guidance.


Health and wellbeing of our guests and employees are top of mind, more than ever.

We follow the instructions given by the Swiss health authorities in the context of the Covid-19, and we have strengthened measures tor welcoming clients to a place where they will feel safe and secure.

Clinique La Prairie is also a medical center, and as such high medical safety standards are daily practiced in the clinic and all its hotel-spa spaces.

Specific measures include the implementation of social distancing in all areas (including the restaurant in which tables and spaces have been adjusted, menu eliminated), masks for clients and staff, sanitizers dispensers throughout the Clinique, regular disinfection of exposed surfaces (including door handles, elevator areas, light switches, safes,  keys, limousine’s interior,....) and of all spaces that welcome guests (spa cabins, doctor’s office, fitness areas, sauna used by one client at a time ...), strict hygiene policy for the staff, and many more routines and procedures in guest services, medical and spa protocols, rooms cleaning, ... all for ensuring a stay with all due caution and a high level of precautions.

Please see the detailed measures available on a dedicated page on the website :


Exploring how our body can empower us to live a longer, healthier and better life has been at the core of Clinique La Prairie since 1931. This is what sets Clinique La Prairie apart.

The topic of immunity looms large amidst the global pandemic. Our experts know that body, mind and immune system must be taken care of in the broadest sense, with an individual holistic approach that integrates science, medical insights, nutrition and wellbeing.

Our expertise and methodology are perfectly in line with the need highlighted by COVID-19, i.e. the immune system strengthening, but not only.

This demanding experience has shown everyone how health and wellness are essential to an everyday life and balance.

Whether it’s looking for medical assessments and holistic wellness which will help in keeping internal defences

strong, rebuilding immunity, restoring good sleep, find balance or build overall longevity, CLP and its 50 leading medical specialists have a 90-year expertise to support guests’ needs and goals.

All our programs, from Revitalisation to Master Detox or Better Sleep are designed and delivered towards this strong philosophy, with a commitment to bespoke and personal service.

1.- The Revitalization program

Pioneering the science of longevity since 1931, the REVITALISATION is the essence of a stay at Clinique La Prairie : our holistic cell regeneration program combining cutting-edge medicine and technology with check-up, unique well-being and nutrition plan to revitalize every part of the body. The guest engages with physicians, dieticians, fitness coaches and holistic consultants who help to address any need and to stimulate body’s functions.

What does the holistic REVITALISATION program do?

  1. Contribution to boosting the immune system

  2. Contribution to combat the effects of aging

  3. Increasing in energy and balance

With the aim of slowing down the ageing process in various organ systems, the program contributes to a reduction in inflammation, in disease incidence and to an improvement of general state of physical and mental fitness, allowing for healthier ageing (longevity).

“The REVITALISATION program of Clinique La Prairie is optimally suited to prevention and represent a powerful means for the maintenance of health in general.” says Professor Rietschel, our leading immunology scientist.

2.-The new Master Detox, with CLP Cellular Genomic method

Master Detox was already the first detox programme to use genetics to detect deficiencies and weaknesses in the body, the one-week cleansing treatment from Clinique La Prairie remains unrivalled, with the addition of advanced testing, extended anti-inflammatory diet and a nutraceutical cure targeting cellular detoxification.


Clinique La Prairie is the unique combination of a medical center, a wellness retreat, and a luxury hotel under one roof.

The medical center is home to over 50 specialists including Internal & Preventative Medicine, Pneumology, Radiology, Cardiology, Orthopedy, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry and psychotherapy, ….


While the physiological benefits are essential, the spiritual lift shouldn’t be underestimated. The programs are enjoyed in the highly stimulating and luxurious environment of Clinique La Prairie and its award-winning medical spa, on the sumptuous Swiss Riviera, surrounded by the very best of nature: mountains, clear air and the beauty of Lake Geneva.

Clinique La Prairie => Boundless possibilities that lie ahead for longer, healthier and better lives

Warm regards from sunny Montreux 😊

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