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Clinique la Prairie's Revitalisation Premium

Taking our legendary Revitalisation program to an even more exclusive level: the transformative Revitalisation Premium is the ultimate wellness and rejuvenation experience. Bringing you the world’s most advanced cell regeneration and holistic medicinal technologies, this supremely powerful program strengthens and reenergizes you to enhance and lengthen your life.

Building on the success of its Revitalisation program – Clinique La Prairie’s signature since 1931 – Revitalisation Premium is an ultra-personalized experience that harnesses the latest medical advances in anti-aging and longevity. Unlock the secret of youth during this unforgettable journey into wellbeing, perfectly tailored to your needs and expectations.

Anti-aging & Longevity science

The rejuvenating science of cell therapy

Clinique La Prairie Extract

Reactivate your internal defenses

The astonishing power of genetics

Your exact DNA profile

A holistic approach

Meet all your health and wellbeing needs

Medical expertise

Comprehensive health check-up and analysis


Slow down the aging process Reactivate cell renewal Raise your physical and mental performance to peak potential Increase your resistance to oxidative stress Activate your immune system Strengthen your antiviral defenses


7 days, 6 nights From Sunday

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