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Covac Global Benefits

Covac Membership Benefits

  • No Hospitalization Required.

  • No Hold Period.

  • No Pre-Departure Medical Screens.

  • No restrictions on Large Gatherings.

  • Open to Ages 18-85 (under 18 on a “Family Membership”).

  • Family Members do not need to be traveling together.

  • All the Way Home (not “nearest medical center”).




Membership for individual and families gives members the confidence to travel for both leisure and business. Coverage gives members and the ones they love full peace of mind that should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling, you can come home for care and treatment. MEDICAL EVACUATION & REPATRIATION Covac Global revolutionized medical evacuation without the burden of hospitalization requirements. Their in-house medical staff and worldwide medical transport teams stand ready to bring members back to their home hospital of choice without first being hospitalized at the location of injury or illness. SECURITY MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE The teams of military special operations, intelligence and law enforcement veterans are available 24/7 to provide rapid advice, response, and evacuation of members for events such as civil unrest, war, terrorism natural disasters, missing persons and criminal activity. The Remote Rescue benefits are included in all Security Membership Upgrades to include search, locating, rescue and evacuation of those in perilous environments. REMOTE RESCUE They bring global emergency resources right to members no matter how remote or austere the environment. The deployable air, sea and ground assets are ready to rescue members at their location of injury, illness or peril. Remote Rescue is included in all medical and security memberships and is the only one in the market that covers Search and Rescue. GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE, ADVISORY + ALERTS Members have exclusive access to real-time information of over 215 global destinations covering topics to include COVID-19 restrictions and status, detailed health and infrastructure conditions and personal security and safety concerns.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-212-752-1416

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