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Cuisine on Calivigny Island

Cuisine on Calivigny Island is taken very seriously. Much of the food that is served is actually grown in the islands huge greenhouses and surrounding lands and gardens. The islands chefs are all handpicked for their excellence and take total pride in providing the best farm to table experience possible. They are all very talented and will create tailor-made menus for guests depending on their wishes and requirements. It is also possible to eat in many different locations on the island ensuring that each meal time is completely unique. Guests can choose from dining in the formal Rotunda room, on the Pool Terrace or have a beach barbeque on one of the islands six beautiful beaches.

Calivigny Island, a private paradise in Caribbean, for rent for exclusive use only! Once-in-a-lifetime moments deserve to be captured exactly how each guest imagines. At Calivigny Island they are dream makers devoted to spreading bliss on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and private affairs in private luxury. With easy access by charter plane, Calivigny Island offers the ultimate in exclusivity and privacy. Whether planning a board meeting, rewarding employees, or entertaining clients, let the executive team and Michelin-starred chefs work to design the most coveted retreat in the Caribbean.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407 #dominiquedebaycollection #calivignyisland #grenada #luxurylifestyle #privateisland #privateretreat #privatevilla



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