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Cultural Tourism at Morgans Rock, Nicaragua

A key part of Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge sustainability efforts is its involvement with the local community. Nearly all the employees are from the local area. We support the community by buying products from local vendors and farmers.

 You may notice a beautiful ceramic pot near the pool or artwork inspired by the indigenous people of Nicaragua in your bungalow. Our pottery collection, dispersed throughout the lodge, features pieces hand-crafted by artisans in San Juan de Oriente, a village steeped in the tradition of pottery making. The art form is a vital source of sustainable income for the artisans and their family and we are happy to support it.

Together with the NicaFrance Foundation and AMCHAM we provide workshops and activities to strengthen the process of teaching and learning. Our programs aim to instill children with a positive attitude of change, creativity and desire to attain their goals with our program BUILD A FUTURE (where you can support with school supplies, school equipment,, water filters and more We also contribute to school maintenance.

This work is heartfelt. We believe deeply in the power of equipping Nicaraguan schoolchildren with the education and technical tools needed to propel themselves forward – that the result will be long term preservation of heritage, protection of natural resources, and an empowered, healthy, vibrant generation of young people.

Community Initiatives

Employing local people as 95% of the workforce, including senior management positions.Working closely with local indigenous populations.Employing local people as guides in nature hikes, fishing trips, visits to schools, and other excursions.Sourcing fresh seafood from local fishermen.Providing income for local artisans by promoting their crafts and pottery at the lodge.Supporting a nearby coffee farm, La Cumplida, which produces Rainforest Alliance certified coffee – Morgan’s Rock supports the plantation and its farmers by organizing excursions (via private plane!) to the property.

For more information on the this eco chic resort, phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09

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