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Discover Casa Tesoro, the treasure of Punta Mita, Mexico

Every convenience has been considered, making Casa Tesoro a home that guests never want to leave. And, why would they? With a professional, English-speak- ing butler to take care of every whim, a world class chef, a fully trained staff, the beach on the doorstep, an ocean front pool that catches the breezes, sunning and dining spots carved out of the rock where you can literally feel the spray of the waves, a full spa and exercise facility, a “studio 54” nightclub and a movie theater – not to mention the sumptuous bedroom suites, each with an outdoor shower – what reason could there be to stray far from home?

The rough, limestone rubble walls contrast with smooth plaster walls. The overall effect transcends locale and era – referencing Mexíco as much as California or the Mediterranean. The look is at once elegant and timeless.

The numerous buildings that compromise the central living and bedroom areas are linked by manicured gardens and walkways. Each building offers dramatic views of the soft, sandy, crescent-shaped beach and the ever-changing blues of the sea.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609



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