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Eclectic Greece DMC - new in our collection

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Eclectic Greece offers their client tailor made experiences that perfectly matches their expectations.

They design travel experiences in Greece to help travelers choose how they will enrich their trip.

Every travel experience is the perfect mix of AUTHENTIC, EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE experiences.

Their unique relationship with clients, travel advisors, in-house team, suppliers, and external collaborators is based on a people-first philosophy.

They offer:

. Immediate request acknowledgment

. Detailed proposal within 24 hours

. Tailor made itinerary design

. Options for clients

. Cost breakdown - Online rates are always provided

. Reader-friendly proposals with images

. Daily reports to the booking agent

. Local assistance at any time (24/7)

One dedicated advisor coordinates:

. Proposal design

. Flight and ferry tickets

. VIP services: helicopter, private aviation, butler services

. Concierge services: restaurants, beach clubs, events

. Exclusive amenities

. Options for villa rentals in Greece

. Options for Yacht charter in Greece

Choose Greece !

65+ direct flights internationally  300+ days of sunshine per year Safe destination 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites 100+ islands to visit 5000 years of History Genuine Hospitality Delicious & Healthy cuisine Best Sailing in the Mediterranean

If you need further information please visit or feel free to contact us directly at 1-888-DDHRM09

The team is waiting to assist you...


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