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Experience Santorini with OMMA

Create your Santorini story with authentic experiences created by OMMA through their local experts.

  • Cruising Temptations

Be inspired by the greatness of nature and the wild beauty of the volcanic scenery from the deck of a catamaran or a luxurious motor yacht while sailing in the volcanic bay and explore the most remote coves. Dive near the volcanic crater or at a shipwreck site and admire the rich underwater world of Santorini. For those explorers, journey and discover the nearby picturesque islands of Ios, Folegandros and Anafi.

  • Wine Tasting Expeditions

Embark on a wine-tasting and culinary journey through our exclusive partnership, to Santorini’s most flavoursome destinations. Savour the local cuisine and unique regional wines and fall in love with your surroundings. Follow the divine scents, flavours and aromas to some of the finest local vineyards and experience an epicurean adventure.

  • Exhilarating Hiking Adventures

Set out on a hike with mesmerizing views of the azure waters of the Aegean Sea alongside the rim of the huge crater. Santorini’s unique geological formation and amphitheatric cliff-sides along with our personalised guidance will give the tools to discover the island’s secret trails and explore the archaeological site of Akrotiri to the deserted beaches of Ancient Thira.

  • Santorini by Helicopter

Hop on a helicopter ride over one of the world’s largest sea-water Calderas and gaze upon the setting sun while flying over the crater. An exhilarating adventure where you are destined to discover the island’s most scenic settings.

  • Culture & Art Awakenings

The scenery itself is so inspiring that urges you to express yourself. The azure of the sea, the scarlet painted sky and breath-taking Caldera create a natural masterpiece worth praising in every way you can, in a still painting, a poem, a lyric. The island of Santorini is filled with artists, art galleries, museums, monuments and attractions worth discovering from the ancient times to the modern era. Begin your quest from the historical site of Akrotiri, from poems written by famous poets such as Odysseus Elytis and delve into Santorini’s inspirational path.

  • Historical Explorations

Infuse yourself into the rich history of Santorini island, visit the archaeological sites and attractions and envision life in a different era. Marvel the world’s most famous sunset from the enchanting village of Oia. Open your eyes to the majestic views of the Caldera and let the island’s energy invigorate your spirit.

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