Experiences at Sol y Luna

The wind in the mountains, with its dynamic behavior, creates ideal opportunities to fly over landscapes with contrasting valleys, fields and glaciers. Since ancient times, birds have always been related to freedom. Their capacity to traverse the skies has made each one of us envy their wings and their ability to fly. Flying over the Andes like the majestic Condor, is a unique experience worth living. FRANZ SCHILTER - MANAGER.

Peruvian Gastronomy shows itself to the world with the influence of every continent, the amazing variety of its products and the motivation to satisfy the most demanding palates, those who celebrate life with the finest dining. At Sol & Luna, we have an innate calling for the highest level of gastronomy. We share our kitchen, harvest our own vegetable gardens and visit the local market to reveal the taste of the Sacred Valley. We are pleased to offer our guests a culinary experience that honors the original flavors of this valley, considered sacred since its remote origins. NACHO SELIS - CHEF

One of the most important traditions in Peru, is the Peruvian Paso Horse, known world-wide for its soft pace and obedience. From our stables, one can discover the kindness of an animal that has developed characteristics for half a century: the lateral movement of its extremities in four tempos and the upright position of the head can smoothly take us along the paths of the Sacred Valley or rejoice us with their harmony to the rhythm of a marinera, national dance of Peru, during a presentation of their qualities in our garden. MOISES OLIVARES - EVENTS COORDINATOR

Kick up some dirt as your off-road vehicle rolls along mountain trails past fields of indigenous flowers crisscrosses overhead in the blue sky by kaleidoscopic birdlife. Take in breathtaking views over the Sacred Valley and wave hello to farmers tending their crops as we zoom across this exhilarating landscape.


Two wheels is the most exhilarating way to see the most of the Land of the Incas, at the closest perspective. Cycle along Andean terraces, through Spanish colonial villages, around Inca ruins, into highland communities in their vibrant finery and through fields of wildflowers, corn and quinoa. Our cycle routes take riders among the villages of Yucay, Huayllabamba and Urquillos, where the Incas found the best cultivation land in the Sacred Valley. MOISÉS OLIVARES - MARKETING AND SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Snow-capped Andean peaks surround crystal clear and calm Huaypo Lake, offering the ideal conditions for a relaxed paddle in the refreshing landscape. MOISÉS OLIVARES - MARKETING AND SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Known for their docile nature, Peruvian Paso horses offer a comfortable, relaxed way to explore the Sacred Valley. Ride along our neighboring communities of Palcaraqui and Pumahuanca just as a local might do, or take longer jaunts into countryside to the fascinating landscape at Moray and the Spanish colonial village of Maras. The Peruvian Paso horse remains closely connected with the Criollo, or ‘creole,’ culture that took root here in the New World and is still expressed through music, customs and food. In-depth culture and horse training programs initiate our guests into this vanishing world. MOISÉS OLIVARES - MARKETING AND SALES REPRESENTATIVE.

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