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Festive Availability at the Famous GoldenEye Jamaica

There’s a magnetic quality at Goldeneye that has, for decades, attracted creatives of all stripes. Ian Fleming, who suffered from writer’s block, created the James Bond character while at GoldenEye—and wrote another Bond adventure during every winter. Sting wrote the hit, ‘Every Breath You Take’ and Bono wrote the theme song to the GoldenEye film while here. The artists, writers and musicians from around the world who first visited while Fleming was in residence kept coming when Island Record’s founder, Chris Blackwell, acquired the property during the 1970s. Soon, the original Fleming Villa, didn’t have enough rooms. So, he began to build. What followed: The Originals, Beach and Lagoon Villas, Lagoon Cottages and Beach Huts.

Enjoy Festive availability from December 18 thru December 28 with a 7 night minimum


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