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Festive Season on Calivigny Island

Your once-in-a-lifetime moments deserve to be captured exactly how you imagined, especially during the festive season! At Calivigny Island we are dream makers devoted to spreading bliss for your holidays or private affairs.

At Calivigny, we invite you to savor each minute in your island home. Connect with each other and with nature. And live in the now. The possibilities are endless, including the pure pleasure of simply doing nothing.

Rich in cultural history, the beautiful Spice Isle is only a five-minute boat ride away. Spend an afternoon exploring the markets of St Georges, canyoning down waterfalls, tasting local rums and world-famous chocolate, or discovering the world’s first underwater sculpture park, all with the comfort of your own private guide. Then return to the peace and tranquility of your island sanctuary.

We would love to curate your dream holiday on Calivigny Island, phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09


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