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Gastronomy at Sol y Luna

To connect our guests through all the senses to the exceptional flavors of the Sacred Valley, Sol y Luna's Chef Nacho and our culinary team lead in-depth, palate led adventures into this fertile landscape and among our friends, the traditional Andean farmers growing naturally organic produce in ways little changed since the Inca Empire.


Bienvenidos to Chef Nacho’s kitchen, where he leads up to ten guests on this three-course culinary adventure among the aromas, flavors, colors and tastes of Peru, accompanied by Pisco Sours, at Sol y Luna. As you experience the Sacred Valley through your taste buds, learn about the produce of this fertile basin that has been the region’s breadbasket since the time of the Incas who built the agrarian terraces, called andenes in the Quechua language. These still grown natural ingredients at your table may include white and red corn, quinoa and around 4,000 types of potatoes.


For the Incas, this rustic yet highly symbolic dining ritual named for the Quechua words pacha “earth” and manka “pot” represented a celebration of the cycle of life. Digging an earthen oven and cooking food underground pays homage to Pachamama, the Incan fertility goddess.

Surrounded by the glorious Andes Mountains and Sol y Luna’s thriving gardens, we recreate this quintessentially Andean banquet, at lunch or dinner, for up to 8 people. Like our Incan ancestors, we return our food -- lamb, alpaca, pork, chicken and guinea pig along with sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, plantains, stuffed peppers, tamales and choclo white corn of the Sacred Valley -- to Mother Earth’s belly before we eat it is as sign of respect.


Peruvian haute cuisine meets Old and New World wines in our singular wine cellar. Spanish red walls surround the antique dining table for up to fourteen, set with hand-embroidered linens, custom china, formal silverware and an array of roses from our gardens. After horseback riding, exploring Machu Picchu or relaxing by the pool, an evening in this subterranean sanctuary ends the day on the most sophisticated epicurean note, with a bespoke menu of seasonal dishes prepared by Executive Chef Nacho Selis and paired with wines curated by our in-house Sommelier.

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