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Gastronomy at Sol y Luna, Peru

Mindful that lasting memories are made through our taste buds, we approached gourmet dining a priority at Sol y Luna from the beginning.

Our culinary team trained with Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of the leading innovators of contemporary Peruvian cuisine and we look to the time honored, rich traditions of Andean cooking which integrate the bountiful harvests of ancient Incan agrarian techniques.

We took the decision not to have our own hotel gardens and fields but to train local farmers, so far we have four, to grow the quinoa, potatoes, herbs, spices and other produce we need. This extends our Sol y Luna community outreach while ensuring exceptional, fresh and natural ingredients in every dish we serve at Killa Wasi and Wayra, where our focus is especially locavore, to connect our guests to the exceptional flavors of the Sacred Valley.


Contemporary interpretations of Sacred Valley’s rustic culinary traditions and refined Cusqueña cuisine incorporate the produce of our organic farming neighbors as well as the chef’s discoveries in the Peruvian jungles and along the Amazon. Within the gently rounded, rose hued walls of our ‘House of the Moon,’ along with serving a buffet breakfast and relaxed vegan lunch, we offer an exceptionally refined evening experience. Guests dine formally and in luxurious comfort around a traditional Peruvian hearth.


Housed within Sol y Luna’s Wayra ranch and open to the public, our relaxed day into evening eatery was built for three simple purposes: to eat, to drink and to love.

Fantastical murals and sculptures by Federico, our artist often in residence, finish these high, vaulted spaces made homey with local terra cotta tiles and stonework, hand-painted artisanal woodcarvings by Peruvian master Jaime Lievana and commanding wood burning fireplaces in both the Dining Room and Lounge, where four nights each week our world class circus performers put on a spectacle of awe-inspiring acrobatics as a prelude to Chef Nacho Selis’ Andean cuisine honoring the wealth of naturally organic ingredients first harvested here in the bountiful Sacred Valley by the ancient Incas.

HOTEL SOL y LUNA Machu Picchu , Perú

Fundo Huincho Lote A5 08661 Urubamba (Cusco - Perú) T (51_84)60_8930


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