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Habitas on Hudson

Habitas-on-Hudson is a countryside retreat and playground for the curious with activities around adventure, learning and culinary experiences. Ideal for disconnecting from city life, the unique experience in the Hudson Valley (just outside the charming village of Rhinebeck, two hours from New York City) offers a place to bathe in the synchronicities of nature and connect with like-minded individuals.

The restaurant, Social, offers a culinary experience that fuses creative global dishes and fresh, locally-grown ingredients. Located at the heart of the historic Manor with views of the region’s rolling hills, they’ve created an inclusive space for locals, weekenders and travelers alike to come together in conversation and lean into the power of human connection. Music is a universal language. No matter where one is in the world, it brings people together regardless of cultures, borders and backgrounds. Guests can join in the historic Manor for Sunday brunch to listen to live music by local performers while connecting with friends, new and old, around shared meals, drinks and conversations.

This home in the Hudson Valley is where one can retreat from the city in search of outdoor adventure. Throughout the year, they tune into the changing seasons and make the most of the surrounding natural landscape. Take in the fresh air and trek across the region’s rolling hills while learning about the local flora and fauna alongside a certified guide.

They invest in one’s well-being by seeking out moments of calm and connection. Their selection of wellness rituals helps to relax, clear the path to self-discovery and reawaken our physical and energetic bodies. Cultivating a deeper mind-body connection with crystal sound bowl meditations or discovering the therapeutic benefits of holotropic breathwork.


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