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Health is our true wealth by Clinique La Prairie

Now more than ever, we cherish our health. As you adjust to moments of slow living, take this time to make a commitment to healthier habits. Nutrition, gut health, quality of sleep, stress level and movement are fundamental steps on the path to longevity and prevention. At Clinique La Prairie, we believe in a holistic philosophy that enriches your mind, body and soul to protect yourself. Our medical and well-being experts are pleased to share with you their recommendations and inspirations. From all of us here in Montreux, this is our invitation to take care and live well.

Slow Living

This is a time in which life seems to put the brakes on. How can you embrace this new reality? Schedule your day to disconnect and be more present. Organize the balance between intellectual and physical activities, as well as between being alone and being in social contact. Being alone also means "being with yourself in the present time" using different techniques like slow breathing, autohypnosis, relaxation, meditation, Qigong, yoga, etc. Discover all the recommendations of Dr. Svetlana Kravcenko, specialist in Psychiatry.

Sleep well to live better

Sleep, or rather the lack of it, can take a toll on your life, mood and health. Help yourself find some inner peace at night. Follow some vital basics and try to break the thinking patterns that lead to discomfort, anxiety and distress. “This might seem somewhat simplistic but if we were to respect human nature, which means being active during the day and preparing for sleep when the natural light begins to fade, it would help us to improve the quality of our sleep.” Dr. Olivier Staneczeck, pneumologist.

Meditation Guide

From anxiety to fluidity! How can you regulate your emotions when life feels out of control? When we cannot quickly and directly change the situation, we get stuck in fear or anxiety and therefore we do not allow the energy of these emotions to move away, we are simply trapped in them. This is where meditative practices can be helpful: observing your thoughts and feeling the sensations within you allow you to create distance between you and overwhelming emotions. This empowers you to clarify your mind and to gain the ability to release the over-emotions stuck in your body by allowing feelings to somehow exist peacefully in your body. Once you welcome them, they naturally dissolve, and harmony is restored.

Something to look forward to!

Life Science has been part and parcel of Clinique La Prairie since its foundation, and nowadays its team of specialists span various fields related to medicine, nutrition, immunology, biochemistry, genetics and, more recently, nutrigenomics. Keep your eyes on the horizon of well-being and look forward to a future escape at Clinique La Prairie. Our experts have completed a natural method to optimize the Master Detox’s body cleansing process, which will focus on anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties along with a beneficial effect on the microbiota. As always, we believe in new possibilities that unlock health.  We’ll tell you more soon, in the meantime....

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