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Hiking at Morgan's Rock Nicaragua

Sunset hike on the hill at ecochic Morgan's Rock!

Take a short hike to the premier point from where the view of the stunning sunset disappears into the Pacific. This easy and enjoyable walking experience begins at our private beach and ends on a relaxing, romantic hill overlooking the ocean. A perfect, breathtaking end to any day.

Morgan’s Rock offers the perfect family getaway. At the lodge, and in the surrounding 4,000 acres of protected undeveloped forest land including a private reserve, families can bond, play, and discover endlessly.

There are a variety of nature tours exploring the Hacienda’s different ecosystems such as primary tropical dry forest, secondary forest, hardwood plantations, pastures, the untouched beaches and hills overlooking volcanoes, Lake Nicaragua, and the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, the agro tourism based tours where you can learn about reforestation and our very own aquatic and organic farming practices. Should time permit, a day trip to nearby colonial Granada, including active volcanoes and an artisan village, is highly recommended.

Ask your favorite travel advisor for reservations or for more details phone us at 1-888-334-7609. #dominiquedebaycollection #luxurylifestyle #hacienda #ecochic #ecotourism

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