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Honeymoons @Morgans Rock Nicaragua

Honeymoons Looking for a romantic vacation? Morgan’s Rock hacienda and Private Reserve is the dream retreat for lovers! Whether you’re getting married on our private secluded beach, embarking on the honeymoon of a lifetime, or just looking to escape and connect with that special somebody, we’ve got the exotic getaway you’ve been craving.

Be mesmerized by tantalizing sunsets, ride horses on the white, sandy beach, explore the jungle by moonlight, toast each other at a private picnic overlooking the ocean, where dolphins play in the surf and sea turtles buoy in the waves. Fuel the fire in your heart with a hike up ancient volcanoes or a day of exploration and snorkeling on Ometepe Island. Explore local culture, surf your heart out at the famous beaches of San Juan del Sur – a lively place with bars, restaurants, and great beaches, or explore colonial Spanish settlements with charm and character.

Morgan’s Rock provides a tropical escape with all the serenity nature has to offer, combined with exceptional guest service, endless activities, and unbelievable tranquility.

If it is peace and privacy you’re looking for, the quest ends here. Upon arrival guests are greeted personally and welcomed cheerfully with an assortment of pastries, fruit juices, or a welcome drink from our bar. Toña beer, anyone? How about a bottle of the prize winning local rum - Flor de Caña? Our bartender will be happy to whip up some delightful concoction to relax and revitalize you. We’ll lighten your load and leave you to unwind in your private bungalow, where you can rest in comfort, enveloped in the privacy of lush jungle. Relax on the suspended day bed on your private deck as you watch monkeys play in the trees and sloths hang happily in the foliage.

Of course, the private beach awaits you and may prove to be your favorite place on the property. With only fifteen bungalows, you may just have the mile long beach to yourself! Lounge lazily in a white woven hammock with a beer or a book in hand, shielded from the sun under your private, thatched palapa. Calling all honeymooners! Just married couples find Morgan’s Rock the perfect place to unwind from the big day and kindle their passion. Our secluded beach boasts huts with luxurious hammocks and laid-back lounge chairs are ideal for doing nothing at all, gazing into the eyes of your loved one, or daydreaming about future life plans. When you’re ready to get your feet wet, dive in to the alluring, lapping waves of the Pacific! Refresh yourselves and your romance with a dip in the pleasant waters of our cove, or laugh and bond during an off-shore fishing excursion where friendly dolphins, sea turtles, or whales may join you along the way!

Couples can feed their romance over a memorable meal with a champagne toast at sunset. The warm orange and pink hues of the sunset will take your breath away as you cherish the evening together over lingering libations and fresh local seafood.

Accommodations are superbly romantic. Our private bungalows are elegant, spacious, comfortable, and nearly all offer a sea view. Each bungalow is nestled in the jungle. All bungalows include a private terrace with a remarkable view of both forest and sea, and a comfortable hanging day bed. Guests can recline in luxury and comfort while still having the exhilarating feeling of being “lost” in the jungle. An exotic diversion from your typical day back home!

The memories you make here will truly last a lifetime. Morgan’s Rock offers a magical experience that you’ll find nowhere else. Let your vacation be as spirited, passionate, and inimitable as your love for one another.

Accommodations Few lodges can offer harmony with nature the way Morgan’s Rock does. Residing in one of our fifteen sustainably constructed Ocean View or Forest View bungalows (2 Forest View Bungalows with Private Pool and 13 with view of the Reserve´s private beach), our guests will find it impossible not to relax. Drop your bags in your spacious bedroom upon arrival and enter another world, intuitively switching gears to a slower, more natural tempo. Just outside you’ll spot howler monkeys, languorous sloths hanging from the trees, and a variety of vibrant tropical birds.

For more information phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09

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