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Hotel Christopher in the Destination Wedding Planner Insider

Thank you Nancy from Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways for this publication in the Destination Wedding Planner Insider featuring part of our collection in the top 10 luxurious honeymoon resorts for 2021!

If you find yourself dreaming of a trip to a romantic and exotic Caribbean Hotel with your other half, look no further. Nestled between crystal clear waters and Pointe Milou, protected by trade winds, Christopher St. Barth offers astonishing views of the Caribbean Sea and neighboring islands. Imagine a large house with a timeless, elegant design in the style of a contemporary loft. An ideal retreat, hip and casual, easygoing for its guests so that they feel comfortable and feel right at home.

Nancy suggests Hotel Christopher to couples looking for modern French design, tropical vibes, elegance and charm. This hotel is for couples who want to honeymoon further from the nightlife and prefer lounging by an elegant pool to the beach. For spa loving couples, their prestigious Sisley Spa was voted Caribbean’s Best Hotel Spa in St. Barths by World Spa.



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