Hotel de Sers, Paris

What's better than a trip to Paris? Staying in a baby Palace in Paris, of course! The Hotel de Sers is both a landmark and luxury retreat, beloved by Parisians and cherished by visitors. Get carried away by Paris bubbly lifestyle with its artists & writers! A flawless address for business meetings, a lucky charm for entertainment milestones, and a scene-stealing backdrop for production and movies. The Hotel de Sers captures the best of the Paris experience. A rare place where old-world elegance and modern-day style meet, just minutes from the iconic #Champs-Elysées in the #GoldenTriangle. Each 45 bedrooms and 7 suites preserve the spirit of the place whilst updating it once again to suit today’s styles. Noted interior designer Thomas Vidalenc has embraced the Hotel de Sers historic aesthetic and married it effortlessly with contemporary comfort.

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