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Introducing Habitas, new in our collection!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A GLOBAL HOME FOR A GLOBAL COMMUNITY! We are thrilled to welcome in our collection the group HABITAS as we embrace their philosophy : Beauty, love & sharing combined with mind blowing experiences are needed now more than ever. HABITAS Hotels provide a new type of experience, one that expands our minds and feed our souls. Connecting deeply with nature, ourselves and one another is the greatest luxury of all: LUXURY FOR THE SOUL!

Habitas Alula

96 GUEST ROOMS, ASHAR DECK SWIMMING POOL, WELLNESS & FITNESS CENTERS, RESTAURANT, OPEN-AIR MUSEUM, ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES, OUTDOOR CINEMA SCREENINGS Set in a living museum where time stands still, Habitas AlUla is a place for curious minds to lose themselves in an unspoken world of wonder. Located in the Ashar valley, amongst dramatic sandstone canyons and a close proximity to Hegra, the archaeological remains of the ancient Nabatean civilization and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Habitas Namibia

12 TENTED ROOMS, PRIVATE VILLA, POOL DECK, STARGAZING, COMMUNAL FIRE PIT, SAFARI DRIVES, GATHERING SPACES DINING AREA Located on a private 52,000 ha. nature reserve, Habitas Namibia is a wild refuge less than 1 hour from Windhoek International Airport. Once you arrive you will live amongst wild animals in beautiful lodges. Wake up every morning to learn about the local tribes, work with our local wellness practitioner or sit back around the fire and share stories.

Habitas Bacalar

34 TENTED ROOMS, LAGOON DECK, WELLNESS SPA, OPEN-AIR KITCHEN, MOST SOUGHT-AFTER LOCATION Seamlessly built on the crystal waters of Laguna Bacalar, Habitas Bacalar is our eco-sustainable, holistic oasis; escape to restore and calm the senses through wellness practices and soothing adventures overlooking seven hues of blue.

Habitas Tulum

35 ROOMS, PRIVATE BEACH, MORO KITCHEN, POOL DECK, JUNGLE COURTYARD, ROOFTOP Nestled between the jungle & the Caribbean Sea, The natural palapa roofs, canvas walls, private beach, and at least 500 square feet of private space create the perfect environment for relaxation and reflection.

A Global Home For a Global Community!


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