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Lola Mia @ La Concordia Panama

LOLA mía @La Concordia, Panama, is a fresh and fun gastronomic proposal in Casco Viejo. With Peruvian, Asian and Panamanian concept, full in details and lots of love for what we do, we bring a casual and intelligently suggestive atmosphere that invites us all to be ourselves.

Our food is rich in international culinary experiences seasoned with our own *seal/stamp*, authentic and daring. We elaborate flavors to experiment, always respecting our ingredients. We like to reinvent ourselves! Play with us and try Cocktails by LOLA, a innovative and daring cocktail proposal with *sensations/feelings* to never forget. Our proposal to you is to share experiences so we can have even more fun while we get to know each other.

To have a look at the menus, click here:


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