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Magnolia Masterclass at Grand Hotel Via Veneto

Italy is proud of having one of the world’s finest cuisines! Immerse yourself in the Italian culture and lifestyle with this must-do culinary experience by preparing together, eating together and especially talking about food – all this pervades the daily life in Italy and is essential to better understand in depth the Italian culture.

By teaching you how to prepare a traditional pasta dish, this cooking class will give you a key to the Italian way of life.

Our Chef Franco Madama will welcome you in a warm and friendly atmosphere and you will discover recipe secrets, culinary traditions, cooking techniques and suggestions that you will be able to use to bewitch your friends back home at the dinner table. You will be able to taste the dishes prepared at lunch served on the same day and in addition, you will receive a Magnolia Master Class branded apron, a diploma and the recipes that have been executed during the class.

Now let’s learn how to make paste from an Italian chef and be a true Italian! For more information phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09 or visit

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