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Modern luxury oceanfront at the Loren Hotel

The Loren Hotel is a luxury collection of 45 sleek & modern luxury oceanfront suites. Perched on the edge of a cliff above Bermuda’s southern shore, The Loren invites you to experience new heights of luxury on Pink Beach. The attentive staff pampers you in luxury while you enjoy the panoramic beachfront scene and reconnect with nature and harmony.

And did we mention Bermuda’s Finest Dining Experiences? Ocean views in every direction, a musical soundscape as you wander through the resort, and the warm Bermuda breezes make The Loren a feast for the senses. Among these, of course, is the sense of taste and it is not surprising then that the resort is elevating the culinary experience as well. The Loren’s guests, accustomed to eating at the world’s top restaurants and enjoying the highest quality ingredients in their own kitchens, have discerning palates. Chef Tim Sullivan and his team exceed their expectations with menus incorporating sustainable, seasonal, and local ingredients into innovative dishes. In the process, they are making The Loren a culinary destination.

Ask us how you can experience Bermuda's Newest 5-Star Hotel, settled alongside the majestic blue waters of this island paradise!

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609

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