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Ownership of Sweet Bocas, Panama

Canadian born and raised in Africa, Annick Belanger is an unassuming host and ex restaurateur who had a vision to create a place for limitless opportunities to explore, discover, create, and give back. She thrives on creating environments where people feel good, authentic and are able to exchange thoughts and ideas with others. That is why after visiting Bocas del Toro and exploring the island where Sweet Bocas is now located, she went on a quest to make her vision a reality.

Following the footsteps of her father, a pioneer and founder of trade schools and educational vocational programs that impacted many lives, Annick believes education to be at the core of the mission at Sweet Bocas. This is why our team continues to work on making Sweet Bocas a platform for much of what we endorse such as sustainability, empowerment and scholarship while providing a truly high end experience that goes beyond luxury.  

Today, Sweet Bocas is an expansive estate on a private island with a villa that includes all the amenities and comforts one could dream of.  From consciously curated furnishings, to a state of the art self sustaining farm and greenhouse, all offerings throughout the Sweet Bocas experience are meant to give back in a larger, more meaningful fashion: servicing people, initiatives, and organizations that are making the world a better place.For more information visit


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