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Romantic Dining @ Imanta Resorts

You have some incredible, romantic dining options at Imanta Resorts! Here are some to tantalize your tastebuds....

Romantic dinners

Beach: Private dinner at the beach

  This location is perfect for enjoying the sunsets and for dinners under the stars by candlelight and torches.  $300.00 USD site fee + $1,450.00 pesos. Romantic menu per person (does not include beverage )


  Private dinner at Observatory: Staring 30 or 40 minutes before the sunset, it is the perfect place for a romantic dinner under the stars.  $2,500 USD site fee + $1,450.00 pesos romantic menu per person. (Does not include beverage.)

Romantic Menu

(Beach & observatorio)

  •  Tuna sashimi with red berries  Truffle Oil with a Touch of Serrano Chile Mixed Salad Leaves with Cured Ham,

  • Pistachios and Whole-Wheat Croutons.  Lobster for Two, Marinated with Ginger and Seasonal Vegetable.

Alert your server if you have special dietary requirements or allergies, all charges will be in pesos according to exchange rate at the moment of reservation and subject to 15% service charge

We'd be happy to help you enlighten you about the dining during your stay @Imanta Resorts!


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