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San Lorenzo Lodges in Italy

At San Lorenzo Lodges, they are dedicating their time and energy to be sure the Lodges are ideally suited to guarantee maximum protection for all guests: after all, the main feature of their accommodations is the exclusive nature of their private retreats.

The White Deer San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, in the Dolomites, is surrounded by 17 hectares of meadows and woods, and thus offers a beautifully isolated location for a luxury vacation.

The Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge, in the heart of Rome, uses the innovative ESI system to sanitize the premises, practically eliminating any bacteria. We are particularly proud of this feature as we are currently the only ones in Europe to employ this novel technology.

The Blue Deer San Lorenzo Sea Lodge sails along the Italian coast and can guarantee total safety for its guests by sharing itineraries designed to minimize potential risks.

Today more than ever we all share a common goal: to return to normality while remaining vigil. We are all aware of the great difficulties facing Italy and the world, and of the uncertainties our future holds. Now is the time to enjoy life and travel, living life to it's fullest, and the warmth and passion with which guests are treated within any of the Lodges.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609


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