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San Lorenzo's Blue Deer Sea Lodge

The Blue Deer is a mode of traveling and navigating, a mode of staying together and surrounding oneself with simplicity and passion. It allows for coming together, exploring and thinking. It is a way of being that strives for depth and, at the same time, for the happiness and lightness of an intense, fleeting moment. It all begins when the mainsail is hoisted, the sails are unfurled and, carried by the sigh of the wind, you are captured by the silence.

It is a magic that sinks its immutable roots into that time that has no time. Into experiences that are born inside us when we perceive the essence of the world’s flavors. Those long-forgotten aromas and colors that reflect the absolute magic of the world around us. That remind us, and push us to discover, who we are.

For more information phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09

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