San Lorenzo White Deer Lodge, Dolomites

When renovating the historically and architecturally valuable “Unterramwaldhof“, Giorgia and Stefano Barbini took great care to respect the balance between tradition and innovation. In cooperation with the protection of monuments authority and with the support of local craftsmen they were able to renovate the estate in such a way that the original structure and its characteristic features were preserved, achieving a model of sustainability that may well serve as an example for similar projects.

Early 16th century, built as hunting lodge for the landlords of the valley Features protected under the Protection of Monuments Act:

1. the original vaulted ceiling of the entrance hall

2. the stone staircase with its vaulted ceiling 3. the larchwood door with carvings and intarsia work 4. the Gothic spruce doors in the interior of the building5. the structure of the foundations and groundfloorbuilt from river stones 6. the wooden structure of the rest of the building (larch and spruce) 7. the roof made of hand-hewn larch shingles 8. the walls irregularly treated with lime in accordance with ancient practice 9. the barrel vault covering the kitchen

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