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Slowing down your telomere shortening with Clinique la Prairie!

Slowing down your telomere shortening with Clinique la Prairie!

Telomeres are short repetitive sequences of DNA at the end of each chromosome, forming a protective cap that plays a vital role in cellular processes. As cell division occurs, they become shorter until chromosomes reach a critical length and can no longer replicate. The rate of telomere shortening is thus critical to improving health and promoting longevity.

Diet and nutritional supplements using antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are among the best tools to help reduce the rate of telomere loss. We have some great news about Clinique La Prairie in this field....

Award-winning spa-clinic, leader in longevity since 1931, Clinique La Prairie offers the most advanced health and wellness programs, in absolute luxury. Our exclusive holistic approach combines leading preventative medicine and wellbeing with bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plans, led by 50 medical specialists and a team of holistic experts. You can expect the most complete regenerating and detox experiences, exceptional diagnostics, innovative sciences and technologies and a highly stimulating environment to re-energize.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609

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