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Stunning landscape and a benevolent climate persuaded the Incas to settle in the Sacred Valley, which they considered a mirror of the Milky Way.

We invite you to come fly with the wind, cycle along Andean terraces, kayak under snowcapped peaks and trek the ancient mountain pathways of the Incas. Discover remote villages, colonial churches and mysterious heritage sites on horseback or by quad bike. Home to Andean civilization for more than 500 years, the Sacred Valley is also a veritable treasure trove of historic sites including Machu Picchu and vibrant, thriving cultural traditions. For those who prefer their cultural immersion in the kitchen, we offer an array of the Sacred Valley’s most palatable pleasures.

A natural playground for adventure lovers, the Sacred Valley offers adrenaline pumping activities above and on the ground, on two or four wheels, by native Paso horse, on foot and even on the water.

For more information phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09


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