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Spa Byblos by Sisley (Saint Tropez)

This unique Lebanese salon at the Spa Byblos by Sisley was directly imported stone by stone from a 16th century palace in Beirut by Prosper Gay-Para (creator of the Byblos in 1965). The period wall paneling makes this salon one of the most atypical and stunning rooms of the Spa, an extraordinary suite, conceived in stones from Jerusalem and moucharabieh lattice work panels, for beauty treatments as a twosome. A hammam and a resting bed… could you ever imagine a more precious refuge ? It provides an intimate space of relaxation “with an Oriental spirit”, totally exotic and ideal for a treatment.

Spa Byblos by Sisley follows protocols with exceptional treatments!

A deluxe brand known for its use of all natural plant extracts and essential oils… the very best in cosmetics.

Ask your favorite travel advisor for reservations or for more details phone us at 1-888-334-7609

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