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Sustainability at Morgan's Rock Nicaragua

Nearly half of the 4,000 acre property has been designated a Private Reserve (Reserva Silvestre El Aguacate). Through reforestation, tree planting, environmental awareness and education Morgan’s Rock helps defend this important natural area against poaching, illegal logging and deforestation. Thanks to the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees and an ongoing vigilance to keep poachers off of the land wildlife has increased all over the property since the lodge opened in 2004. This protected area represents one of the last large sanctuaries, critical to the conservation of regional wildlife habitat along Central America’s Pacific coast. Sustainability has been key in the construction and design of the lodge from the very beginning; Morgan’s Rock used local artisans and artwork inspired by indigenous cultures in its interior design, and sustainably sourced wood for furniture and infrastructure.

Morgan’s Rock was constructed with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and respect for local indigenous communities.All structures were built in harmony with the existing slopes and trees with minimal earth movement and cutting of trees.The lodge’s 15 luxury bungalows were built and furnished by Simplemente Madera, an international sustainable wood products and furniture company based in Managua.Wood used in Simplemente Madera’s furniture is certified by SmartWood and pieces are marked with a label stating the source of the wood, species, and date manufactured.The lodge interior features unique designs using sustainably sourced hardwoods from the property itself.The color and traditions of local indigenous cultures inspire the décor.Solar panels are used to heat the bath water.Use of a centralized system for gray and black water with a bio filter system. Treated water is used for irrigation.The entire lodge was designed harmonize with nature. It was «carefully built to minimally impact the surrounding nature, creating a unique architectural blend of tropical comfort.

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