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The Dive Shop and Water Sports at GoldenEye

GoldenEye is excited to launch the only Dive Shop in Jamaica owned and operated by a nonprofit  organization where all proceeds are used to fund marine conservation.

There are many water sports to choose from while at GoldenEye.

Low Cay is the main beach at GoldenEye—500 smooth, sandy feet of beach shaped like a croissant. It’s so wide and sprawling, it can sometimes feel like its own private, deserted island. While Button Beach—our rustic beach that’s home to a bar shack—is as adorable as its name implies. Our water sports guides, helpers and instructors are trained lifeguards and skilled sailors. They will assist with beach towels, kayaks and glass-bottom boats. If you’re into swimming with the fishes, head to Snorkeler’s Cove—that’s where you can grab a snorkel and fins before exploring one of the many coral reefs close by.


GoldenEye’s varied shoreline lends itself to exploration by kayak. Depart from Wata Sport Beach.


The fast growing sport of stand-up paddle boarding is a wonderful way to enjoy our lagoon, Oracabessa Bay and the open sea beyond.


Learn how to sail with our certified Wata Sports team at Button Beach. Navigate the Caribbean Sea on one of GoldenEye’s Sun Fish or Hobie Cat sailboats.


A glass-bottom boat excursion is an ideal way to warm up to under-water adventures. Over 700 species of fish can be found in the waters of Jamaica’s turquoise sea, amongst scores of corals–purple stag horn, red fire, brains and lacey sea fans called tubipora. Complimentary glass-bottom boat excursions depart daily at 9a.m. from the Wata Sport Beach, weather conditions permitting. Please contact Guest Services on extension 7145 for reservations.


The warm, clear GoldenEye waters are surrounded by extensive coral gardens. Equipment is complimentary. Check out a GoldenEye fish guide from Wata Sports before you depart.


The best pool at GoldenEye is the Lagoon: think of it as a 250-meter pool! Part seawater and part fresh spring water, the Lagoon is always warm, always clear and almost always completely tranquil. It’s ideal for either splashing around or swimming laps.

Additionally, there are fresh-water swimming pools at the Bizot Bar and at Shabeen. The GoldenEye salt water splash pool (yes, it’s shaped like an eye) is at the very tip where Low Cay Beach extends to the sea.


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