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The Enchanting Paslama Spa Oasis of Morgans Rock, Nicaragua

With a design inspired in Olive Ridley sea turtles, or tortuga Paslama in Spanish, the Paslama Oasis is an extension of the resort, showcasing a tropical oasis of refinement and tranquility. Its palapa structures closely resemble the Paslama shells and honors them in a beach that serves as their sanctuary.

You are invited to gaze out at the ocean, inhale the salty-scented breeze, relax, unwind and indulge while experiencing the extraordinary.

Swedish - Sueco

Designed to eliminate tensions, reinforce muscles and joints. Its invigorating and relaxing effect promotes blood and lymphatic circulations as well as the elimination of toxins, helping the body regain its natural balance.

Diseñado para eliminar tensiones, reforzar músculos y articulaciones. Su efecto revitalizante y relajante promueve la circulación sanguínea y linfática, así como la eliminación de toxinas, ayudando al cuerpo a recuperar su equilibrio natural.

Aromatheraphy - Aromaterapia

An ancient art that combines benefits of aromatherapy and benefits of Swedish massage, providing relaxation and healing properties for the body.

Un arte antiguo que combina beneficios de la aromaterapia con masaje sueco, proporcionando relajación y propiedades curativas para el cuerpo.

Deep tissue – Masaje de Tejido

It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Especially helpful for chronically tense neck, in the lower back and shoulder areas.

Se centra en realinear las capas más profundas de los músculos y el tejido conectivo. Especialmente útil para cuello crónicamente tenso, espalda baja y áreas del hombro.

Hot Stones – Piedras Calientes

A combination of the Swedish massage and application of hot stones at different temperatures to the skin, helping the flow of vital energy, alignment of the chakras and relief of emotional and physical discomfort.

Una combinación de masaje sueco y aplicación de piedras calientes a diferentes temperaturas sobre la piel, facilitando el flujo de energía vital, alineación de chakras y alivio de malestar emocional y físico.

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