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The Town, Colorado

The Town is a unique private Western city located on 4500 Acres of Colorado land, made of mountains, plains, rivers and lakes. The Town is a modern Cowboy's dream with 5* service accommodations and an unlimited range of activities. ATV's (Or snowmobiles in the winter), Hummer's 4x4, Hunting (1 Elk), Private river fishing, Altitude lake fishing, Paddle boarding and Water skiing, Shooting rifles, hiking, pistols or clay, Helicopter, Mountain Bikes, Dirt bikes, Yoga, Horseback riding, Rafting (45 minutes away) or heavy white-water rafting, 1.5 hours away on the famous Gunnison River. A full-service spa with a pool and jacuzzi and a fully stocked ice cream and candy shop. For those with culture thirst, an in-house curator and his team will take you through more than 80 buildings and tell you the true stories of the West. At night, The Town buzzes and takes life again with the Theater, 3 bars, 2 great dining options and 1 saloon complete with its’ Cancan girls. All of this just for you and your guests.

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Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609



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