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Winter Boost @ Clinique la Prairie

Cold weather can impact your immune system and your resistance to the many illnesses in abundance during the winter. Shift your mood in the right direction, snap out of winter blues, manage your stress and prepare your body for spring.

Time to boost your immunity and get ready for winter with this exclusive program.


6 days, 5 nights From Sunday to Friday


Boost your immune system & resistance Prevent winter illnesses Regain vitality and strength  Combat fatigue

As the days draw in and the temperatures drop, listen to your body and give your immune system that extra kick with the guidance of our qualified health practitioners. Our Winter Boost program is the perfect option to prepare your body for the cooler months, prevent winter illnesses, and enjoy a comforting and healing moment for yourself.

Medical Expertise

Your check-up

Healthy Nutrition

A bespoke path to keep your energy levels up

Time for yourself

Skin health and beauty

Calm & Serenity

A warming relaxing time

Available from November 2019 to March 2020

To book this program visit


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